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Quotes in Salesforce represent the proposed prices of your company’s products and services. You create a quote from an opportunity and its products. Each opportunity can have multiple associated quotes, and any one of them can be synced with the opportunity. When a quote and an opportunity are synced, any change to line items in the quote syncs with products on the opportunity, and vice versa.

Create and Manage Quote –

Create a set of quotes to show different combinations of products, discounts, and quantities so customers can compare prices. Then add products as needed to keep your quotes up to date.

  1. You can create Quote from quote related list on an opportunity.
  2. On Quote creation –
    1. A unique quote number is added.
    2. Products on the opportunity are copied to the quote as line items.
    3. The grand total is recalculated based on the taxes and shipping information that you entered.
  3. Considerations for Creating and Managing Quotes and Quote Line Items.

    1. Relevant price books, products, and list prices must be active in an opportunity before you can create a quote for the opportunity.
    2. If a quote is synced with an opportunity, and you add a line item to the quote, the new line item is copied to the opportunity as a product in the Products related list.
    3. If an opportunity is syncing with a quote, deleting the quote line item deletes the corresponding product from the opportunity’s Products related list.
    4. Custom field syncing isn’t supported. When a quote is created from the API, the quote line items aren’t created based on the opportunity line items. New opportunity line items are created based on the quote line items.
    5. If a product has default schedules, the schedules aren’t created when you add a line item to a quote. If the line item is copied from the opportunity, you can view the schedule from the opportunity. To change the schedule, edit the product record directly.
    6. If you have a quote line item with a discount, and the product has a default schedule on the product record or an individual schedule on the opportunity product record, you can’t edit the Discount field of the line item.
Sync Quotes and Opportunities

To Sync a quote with Opportunity, open quote details page and click Start Sync.


To stop syncing between a quote and an opportunity, open the synced quote, and then click Stop Sync.

Use of Quote Sync –

Quote syncing lets you link a quote to the opportunity that it was created from and synchronize all updates between the two records. An opportunity can have multiple quotes, but it can sync with only one quote at a time.

  • While a quote and an opportunity are synced, any addition or change to the list of products in one record syncs with the list of products in the other one.
  • Adding or removing a line item from a quote updates the synced opportunity’s Products related list.
  • Adding or removing a product from the opportunity updates the synced quote’s Quote Line Items related list.
  • Product sorting also syncs between the two records.
  • The quote and opportunity continue to sync each way until you stop syncing or delete one of the records.
  • You can sync quotes and opportunities that don’t have any products. When you add a product to either record, it’s automatically added to the record that it’s synced to.
Troubleshooting Quote Syncing
  • This quote can’t be synced because it has inactive or archived products.
    • If the product isn’t active, edit the product and select the Active checkbox.
    • If the product has been archived and the opportunity isn’t closed, delete the product.
  • This quote can’t be synced because it has an inactive or archived price book.
    • If the price book isn’t active, edit the price book and select the Active checkbox.
    • If the price book has been archived and the opportunity isn’t closed, delete the price book.
  • This quote can’t be synced because it has inactive or archived list prices.
    • If the list price isn’t active, edit the list price and select the Active checkbox for the list price.
    • If the list price has been archived and the opportunity isn’t closed, delete the list price.
  • This quote can’t be synced because it has an inactive currency.

Activate the currency from Setup by entering Manage Currencies in the Quick Find box, then selecting Manage Currencies.

  • This quote can’t be synced because one or more of the schedules for the opportunity products have changed since the quote was created.

Create a different quote and sync it, or open the product, delete the schedule, and then re-create the schedule.

  • This quote can’t be synced because another quote that’s being synced for this opportunity is locked due to a workflow approval process. Opportunities can only sync with one quote at a time.
    To unlock the other quote, finish the approval process or recall the request for approval.
  • The SyncedQuote field is read only within a trigger.

Determine whether your Salesforce org is using an Apex trigger that’s attempting to modify the SyncedQuote field. The SyncedQuote field is read only and can’t be modified with a trigger. An admin can modify the trigger.

Email Quote PDF

Provide quotes to your customers the easy way: via PDF. Create quote PDFs from a standard template or from your company’s design. Email quotes to your customers. Then delete quotes that you no longer need.

Create a Quote PDF from the Standard Template-
  1. On the quote detail page, generate a preview by clicking Create PDF.
  2. Save the PDF to the Quote PDFs related list by clicking Save to Quote. The PDF name is the quote name plus a version number, such as AcmeQuote_V1
Create a Quote PDF by Selecting a Template

Before using the Template to create PDF, create a Template in Quote, to make it available.

Then Create PDF will show as dropdown list, which allow to select the custom created template.

Email a Quote PDF in Salesforce Classic.

You can email the Quote PDF from Email Quote button of Quote details page, this will attached the latest version of PDF created.

You can send the individual Quote PDF from Quote PDFs related list of Quote.

Considerations for Deleting Quotes

Before you delete a quote, it’s a good idea to understand how deleting a quote affects quote-related PDFs and syncing with opportunities.

  • An admin, the quote owner, or someone above the quote owner in the organization role hierarchy, you can delete quotes.
  • When you delete a quote, All related PDFs, notes, and attachments are deleted. If the quote is synced with an opportunity, the record is removed from the opportunity’s Quotes related list.
  • If you undelete a previously synced quote, it’s no longer synced with the opportunity.

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