Loading a Record using LDS

To load record using LDS is by including force:recordData in your component while specifying the recordId, mode and layoutType or fields attribute.

In the force:recordData tag, specify the ID of the record to be loaded, a list of fields, and the attribute to which to assign the loaded record. force:recordData must specify the following.

  • The ID of the record to load
  • Which component attribute to assign the loaded record
  • A list of fields to load

You can explicitly specify a list of fields to load with the fields attribute. For example, fields=”Name,BillingCity,BillingState”.

or, you can specify a layout using the layoutType attribute. All fields on that layout are loaded for the record. Layouts are typically modified by administrators, so layoutType isn’t as flexible as fields when you want to request specific fields. Loading record data using layoutType allows your component to adapt to layout definitions. Valid values for layoutType are FULL and COMPACT.


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