Approval Process Auto Submit using Flow

On record create or update based on the criteria Approval Process should initiate automatically. We can use flow to auto submit approval process.

Steps to Create Flow

#1. Setup > Flow > New Flow

#2. Select Record-Triggered Flow

#3. Click Next to Configure Start

  1. Select Object = Opportunity
  2. Configure Trigger (Trigger the Flow When) = record is created or updated
  3. Set the Entry criteria – Add some condition to get correct dataset.
  4. When to Run the Flow for Updated Records.
    1. Only when a record is updated to meet the condition requirements.
  5. Optimize Flow for
    1. Select Actions and Related Records
  6. Click Done

#4. Now the Flow looks like below. Click on the + icon below Run Immediately.

#5. Select Action elements

#6. In the New Action element > write Submit for Approval

#7. On click Done. Flow looks like below

#8. Click Save > Give Flow Name

#8. Activate the Flow and will be ready for testing

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