Interview Q & A

26. Explain System.runAs()

27. Explain Test.setPage()

28. What is the custom settings ? What are the diff types ?

29. Difference between SOSL and SOQL in Salesforce ?

30. In Profile settings, what is difference between “Modify All Data” and “Modify All” ?

31. In class declaration if we don’t write keyword “with sharing” then it runs in system mode then why keyword “without sharing” is introduced in apex?

32. What is analytic Snapshot in salesforce?

33. Will below query work? Explain.

34. Explain difference in COUNT() and COUNT(fieldname) in SOQL

35. Consider total 90k records present in Salesforce and you have used the count() method of soql. What will be output of it?

36. How can you determine that email is actually sent or not from the salesforce?

37. In salesforce which fields are indexed automatically?

38. Give any scenario when you cannot change the currency field type to numeric.

39. Can we create one-one relationship in Salesforce ? Explain. Click Here for Answer

40. How can you by pass validation rule ? Or You created a validation rule, that will work only for new record you are creating after validation rule created.

41. Can you use Custom Setting in Validation rules ? Answer