Lightning Interview Questions

What are different type of events in Lightning ?

  1. Application Event
  2. Component Event
  3. System Event

The major difference between application and component event is that component event is used to do communication between child and parent and application event can be used throughout the application and any component can handler the application event.

Component events work in bubbling and capture concept same as used in DOM event. A change in a child component can be communicated to the parent component via component event.

What are different attribute type in lightning component? Can you use a map as attribute type ?

Can you use lightning component in VF page ? what are prerequisite for this ?


What is event registration ? How and why you do that ?

Can you use a lightning component in Quick action? How ?

What is the use of Wrapper class in @AuraEnabled class ?

What are the Lightning component best practices ?

Have you work on any component for dependent picklist functionality?

In Lightning how to get Current User Id ?